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Troop 109 is a scout-run troop: The scouts decide what we do, and how we do it. Therefore, our youth leaders are a big part of the troop. In order for troop and patrol events to run smoothly, the youth leaders need to plan and run events well, and the scouts need to listen to them. Even if you don't want to listen, in the end, it will make for a better experience for everyone.


About the Youth Leadership
Senior Patrol Leader

The Senior Patrol Leader is the person "in charge" of the troop. He runs PLC (patrol leaders' council) meetings, and chooses the other youth leaders. All the scouts in the troop typically vote on who will be the senior patrol leader in September.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader helps the Senior Patrol Leader run the troop, and becomes the Senior Patrol Leader when the real Senior Patrol Leader is absent.

Patrol Leaders

The Patrol Leader is responsible for organizing and leading the scouts in his patrol, and helping the Senior Patrol Leader.

Assistant Patrol Leaders

The Assistant Patrol Leader helps the Patrol Leader organize the patrol. This position does NOT count towards rank advancement for Star, Life, or Eagle.

List of Leadership Positions

There are many ways to be a leader in Boy Scouts. To advance to Star and beyond, you need to hold one of these positions for the required amount of time:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)

  • Patrol Leader (PL)

  • Troop Guide

  • Order of the Arrow Troop Representative

  • Den Chief

  • Scribe

  • Librarian

  • Historian

  • Quartermaster

  • Bugler (not for Eagle rank)

  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

  • Troop Webmaster

  • Leave No Trace Trainer


After you complete First Class, you will have the opportunity to become one of these people yourself. Good luck!

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